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Northern Song Dynasty Imperial Ru Ware Vase

This Highly Prized Ru-Kiln Trumpet neck Vase is among a group of wares that were the first wares made exclusively for the Emperor and the Chinese Court. Ru Imperial official wares with the simple aspects of finely potted forms, and spectacular glaze, set the scene of elegance for the Song Dynasty Court. This Imperial Trumpet neck Vase measures 10 7/8" tall it has a very refined balanced form that flares out around the mouth and base. The beautiful glaze is reported to have crushed agate powder in the mix, this gave the glaze some texture. The Trumpet neck Vase was made with a fine buff-grayish body that has turned brown on the foot after firing. It has a beautiful luminous glossy yet natural texture fine cracked ice glaze that thins out around the mouth. Depending on the light the vase will look (CELADON, or the SKY AFTER A RAIN) a grayish greenish color in warm light, and grayish bluish greenish color in daylight. All typical of the finest glaze that was used on the best Imperial Chinese Court Ru-ware. This piece is from a surviving hoard of N. Song Imperial Ru-Ware!!! (click image to enlarge)


The Northern Song Dynasty Ru Ware Kiln was working from 1086-1126 There has been much confusion about how these wares were developed and which wares were Imperial ware compared to the similar wares sold to the public. Imperial Ru Ware is the finest most important and rare wares China ever produced. This was the first time in China's History wares were made exclusively for the Emperor and his court. There is two types of Imperial Ru Ware the first row is the opulent sky blue smooth celadon glazed wares with sporadic crackle these can have Gold bands around the rim and the bases. these wares were used as tribute wares to the emperor and his court. The second type third row is the very modest bluish green glaze that has fine cracked ice crackle and texture. These wares were commissioned by the Emperor himself to be used exclusively by him and his court. The Emperor Huizong was a artist and musician in his own right and was not pleased with the opulent wares being made for the court during the N Song Dynasty. After he saw the Korean Imperial celadon wares around 1114 he made his decision that he would commission the Ru Kiln to develop and produce the finest and most naturally modest celadon wares with very refined forms for himself and his court. To develop this glaze the Ru Kiln experimented with the glazes that they had been using, as you can see in the photos how they added colorant into the blue glaze to create a bluish green celadon color. They likely had some help from Korean potters to develop this glaze. They wanted the glaze to look like celadon Jade and added agate powder into the mix to ad texture. and also they wanted to get rid of the spur marks on the bases of the vessels which was the last step. The brush washer that was sold in Hong Kong was likely a prototype of these celadon wares. As you can see in the photograph second row it shows the progression to the final development of the Imperial celadon glaze. The piece that was sold in Hong Kong seems to fall in the line of prototypes in the photo. It doesn't have any gold bands on the rim or base as does some tribute wares have. The Gold plated over copper bands have extensive layered corrosion of Cuprite and Malachite where the plating has worn. This clearly shows there great age. The biscuit was made with a grayish ash colored clay with a high iron content that turns brown after firing. The commissioned bluish green celadon wares have a very luminescent qualities that show under different lighting condition in photographs, and this quality making them the most outstanding and collectible wares ever produced and these can't be duplicated.



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They withhold the finest pieces from the open market. and no one knows how to evaluate their pieces because what you see in the auction results are mostly junk pieces not what is truly available in the market place.
They have lied so much about the true capabilities of the Chinese artisans in every period. And they only want to do business with the victims that have put their trust in them and they're robbing them blind. You must study and know what you are looking at and stop listening to these liars that are telling you all these cock & bull stories about Chinese art. There is a lot of good people that are caught up in their unwritten policies that they have in place and are to afraid to speak up. You must search out the finest pieces, just do the math during the Song Dynasty the population was 100,000,000 in China if just a half of one percent could afford the finest pieces that's a lot of Jade and porcelain made in the Song dynasty. this is why it is imperative that you collect the best possible pieces. You must demand they stop their corrupt policies and start offering the finest pieces on the open market so you will know where your collection fits in the real market place. They must open the market to everyone and stop the discrimination because the way they set this up you can't win because only they know what is really in the market place.  



I will sit down with any expert or scholar in the world to examine my N Song Dynasty Ru Ware first hand. They're afraid to go against Sotheby's because they sold that flawed Ru Kiln piece of junk for 27,000,000.

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The Ru ware that the National Palace Museum has in there collection are pieces that the Qianlong Emperor wrote poems on and these wares are not the Tribute or Imperial Ru ware that the Song Dynasty Emperor Huizong was receiving from the Ru Kiln. The Ru wares that are in Museums around the world are merchant class wares, not Imperial Tribute or Official Imperial wares. I have also offered donations by email to the British Museum, Philadelphia art Museum, The Cleveland Museum, The Smithsonian Sackler Freer Museum, Metropolitain Museum, etc. and they all didn't answer my email. This is part of the cover-up of  Sotheby's sale of the Ru brush washer in Hong Kong April 2012 for $27,000,000. I can prove it is not an Imperial piece and they should return the money and acknowledge what I have shown them all about Ru Wares. Right now their all trying to cover-up the truth about Ru wares. Because the bigger truth is that they're ripping off collectors for billions of dollars by not offering the finest pieces at their auctions and private sales. Major Museums and Universities are the puppets of the auction houses they'll not tell the truth they do whatever the auctions house want them to do. As one example even to the point of withholding the historic truth of the Song Dynasties Emperor Huizong and the Ru Kiln. They have no integrity and sit by and watch collectors being swindled out of their money and do nothing to stop this theft of billions of dollars from unsupecting collectors around the world. And these phony curators worry about their positions being lost. What you see being sold at auction is only a fraction of what is being sold and most of the pieces are junk. One way to stop them is stop buying the junk their offering you.  

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